About Fellswood Creative

The work of Fellswood Creative is to provide a conduit, a sounding board, a landing place for ideas, hopes and dreams in order to help bring your business to the fore. Establishing an online presence is about more than just a website. Fellswood Creative is here to amplify your voice and make your knowledge, vision and experience more clear as we present it to the world.

About Jen Winslow – Founder

Jen Winslow has been creating websites and assisting clients with web-related projects full time since 2008. Fellswood Creative was intentionally built to bring together many of the muses that help to inspire: art, technology, connection, creativity, communication.

“Connection is at the heart of Fellswood Creative: the connection I make with my clients and their work, the connection they make to the world, our connection to nature, to the world and to each other as human beings. It is a necessary and often ignored aspect of our modern world and fostering connection is one of the driving forces behind Fellswood Creative.”